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Letter of intent cover

Letters of Intent (Free)

We provide at the service of the Client, a complete and recognized Letter of intent herein referred to as "LOI". A document asserting the prelimi-nary commitment of one party ...
Performance Guarantee cover

Performance Guarantee

Issued to the Client for the investment, for an amount equal to between 5 and 10 percent of the contract value between parties. This Guarantee assures payment to the Employer in the event ...

Advance payment guarantee

Employer is reliant on a refund of advance payments made in the event of default by the Contractor. This is issued on the full complete amount of the advance payment. However, may ...

Retention Money Guarantee

We have established stability in its offerings that give Client's peace of mind. MoeQuin also hires experts as claims experts to be able to understand the real needs of clients in ...

The MoeQuin Promise

MoeQuin's Board of Directors is committed to leading by example. Leadership based on integrity provides the company with a solid foundation for all activities. For MoeQuin, values are more than a list of ideals to uphold, instead values are the benchmark against which every decision and activity are measured. Leading by example implies

Environment that allows MoeQuin the ability to turn promises into practice. Our disciplinary code provides management and staff members with an effective set of guidelines that are achievable in real-life situations. This encompasses practical issues such as being punctual, dressed professionally, as well as making and implementing decisions that take into account the well-being of MoeQuin that values are lived by every member of MoeQuin. In turn, this creates the type of disciplined and their clients.

  • Strong Niche Coverage – Well-known for its niche coverage for industries such as construction, municipalities, and risk protection. MoeQuin has spent a long time evolving all of its areas of coverage, and that means that we can offer stable niche Guarantee in areas many Companies cannot.
  • Progressive Coverage Monitoring – Known for updating its coverage offerings on a regular basis based on emerging consumer trends, and the needs of its existing customer base. As a company that built its reputation on specialty Guarantees, MoeQuin is constantly looking for ways to offer products that most customers find hard to get.
  • Strong In Surety – Business runs on agreements, and MoeQuin has become a leader in stable and reliable Guarantee services. Contractors and other types
    of businesses find a great deal of value in being able to do business with a company that focuses on the complex world of guaranteed coverage and
    can create custom policies for a variety of situations.

In order to achieve its vision of industry-leader, MoeQuin has to set the example and in some instances break the mould of what is accepted practice. In this regard, the Client is treated with the utmost integrity. It is the policy of MoeQuin to protect Clients’ personal information. When references are needed from our clients, they will be contacted and asked for permission. This approach enhances
our reputation, trust, and relationship with our clients.

Providing development opportunities to permanent staff is an important concern as it benefits both MoeQuin and the individual employee.
Staff members with identified potential who are interested in improving their qualifi-cations are invited to apply for company loans. MoeQuin considers this an investment as staff members are required to plough back what they’ve learned for a predeter-mined period as repayment of the bursaries.

Empowerment and Joint Ventures – MoeQuin has a Level 2 BEE verification rating. Serving as an example of the company’s commitment to continuous transformation and empowerment, Learnership programs have also been initiated to transfer skills to students from the identified groups.


About Us


MoeQuin's vision has been to be active in solving problems for its customers and making life better for the communities it serves. MoeQuin has reputable stability in its offerings that give clients peace of mind.


MoeQuin's mission is the effective and efficient implementation of services.

The offerings from MoeQuin have evolved over the years, established in early 2020,  the company remains strong in areas such as construction, credit risk protection, and Guarantee services. Clients come to MoeQuin for solutions. We are able to understand the real needs of clients in distress. We take pride in our service delivery and assist clients.

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